Equiano Rum
A world-first African and Caribbean liquid with a legacy that helped change the world as we know it.
What we did

Monty created the full social strategy for launch of this Limited Batch liquid, growing their audience through organic and paid strategy, producing bespoke live content and helping rum-lovers discover a new favourite.

Equiano Rum is special. A collaboration between two renowned distilleries, marrying liquid from Barbados’ Foursquare and Gray’s Distillery of Mauritius. Two hemispheres meeting in one bottle.

The liquid is named after Olaudah Equiano, a freedom fighter who played a pivotal part in the abolition movement,

Equiano voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean where he was enslaved. Eventually he crossed the seas once more and landed in the United Kingdom. Tenacious and determined, he traded in rum on the side, selling a puncheon of rum at a time. In just a matter of years he managed to save forty pounds, paving his way to liberation.

Equiano’s values distill the Founders beliefs and they give 5% of company profits and £2/$2 of every bottle purchased on their site to ground-level freedom and equality projects annually, celebrating a man who we all aspire to be more like.

We’ve worked exclusively across Equiano’s social channels to launch their first, and second, product across Europe and America. Rolling out organic and paid strategy – we’ve produced hundreds of posts, stories and community managed posts reaching every corner of the globe.

Monty has worked to build a 48% increase in follower growth over 5 months, helping to target valuable potential customers. This helped to develop fast learnings Monty and the Equiano team could analyse and share via their marketing strategies going forward.

Through provoking storytelling, creative design and use of soundscapes, we created the Equiano social strategy, which has seen an increased footfall month on month through their e-store via social, as well as producing bespoke content such as Live Virtual Cocktail Making, and Instagram Stories to promote offers and press.

Not just on socials, Monty also accomplished a 192% increase in click through rate, a 7% decrease in bounce rate and 12% increase in pages per session following localisation strategy, retaining customers for longer.

It’s been a joy to work so closely with their co-founders to shape the brand that it is today. From tone of voice, to moments we shout about – Equiano’s social have grown from strength to strength. The brand is doing something different, and it was important to convey that through social storytelling, and a solid re-targeting paid approach across-network.


Month-on-month growth in sales from paid media
Bespoke creative for all platforms
47.22% increase in follower growth over 5 months
192% increase in Click Through Rate

An award-winning rum needs a considered approach to social – turning up in the right places, with the space for quality storytelling. It’s been key for us to work closely with their marketing team on all goals and plans, from influencer outreach to press events.

As Equiano continues to grow, winning more awards… and hearts of rum lovers we scale, reshape and review their strategy monthly. Offering fresh ideas, creative concepts and ways to stand out from their competitors.

We can’t wait to see what we do together next!

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