REAL Kombucha
Increasing direct to consumer sales through targeted creative, storytelling and brand building.
What we did

We increased awareness of their award winning sparkling tea, loved by wine drinkers – and pushed sales across all social networks.

Across paid social, we built custom audiences, tracked data and grew results month on month through targeting, creative and always-on copy tweaking.

Monty increased new users from paid social by 25% within just two months, with the objective of increasing new users to the website for retention purposes.

Monty also pushed a 71% increase in daily average clicks (maintaining average daily spend) over course of the campaign driving in-store sales with a targeted test and learn approach.

Alongside stronger sales, we saw a 36% reduction in cost per action through non-seasonal periods, gaining our client better value for money – and interesting and useful insight into their audience habits.

We love working with their team, full of dynamic start-up culture… and continuing to grow and scale their paid and organic results.

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