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Monty grew not just following but listeners and buzz around Series 3 of Relatively. We were a successful extension to the Relatively Podcast through a redesign of all assets, new brand colours and beautiful creatives on the feeds, and also re-skinned the Relatively website to create consistency across all platforms.

With each weekly episode, we update the social channels and website with social-friendly audio snippets, individualised creatives, episode web pages, and transcribing links.

Relatively is a podcast about siblings. The podcast talks to siblings about the connections they have with each other as adults, as well as what it was like growing up together. There’s nostalgia, honesty, revelations – and lots and lots of teasing.

Since our partnership, we also introduced Reels to the Instagram feed. This has been a huge success, resulting in a 200,000% increase in video views. We have helped the team choose the most social-friendly clips from each episode, to create playful and engaging content.

“…Resulting in a 200,000% increase in video views.”

This may be a sibling story about ‘your mates thinking your mum is fit’, ‘going through a “goth phase”‘ or ‘inheriting your work ethic from your Windrush parents’. We animated these audio clips in a visually engaging way – an exciting challenge when working with an audio platform.

We formed a relationship with the guests on the podcast, tagging them and hand-holding them to get better engagement to raise awareness of the podcast.

We also got founder, Catherine, involved as much as possible as an early test and learn approach showed that followers enjoyed seeing behind-the-scenes content.

We did this through selfie reels of Catherine, behind-the-scene photographs, images of Catherine’s day-to-day life and also images from her own personal family photo albums. This resulted in a phenomenal 15,428 impressions and 1,292 engagements over 22 posts.

“This resulted in a phenomenal 15,428 impressions and 1,292 engagements over 22 posts.”

We also helped manage Relatively’s work with sponsor, Find My Past. We worked with both Relatively and Find My Past to talk about how to discuss the collaboration on the podcast – using our social caps to give insight on what would translate best on reels.

This helped us produce engaging Find My past animations which gained 37,050 impressions over 32 posts.

Introducing collaboration posts with the Find My Past Instagram page also allowed us to not only reach more users on Instagram, but created a surge on Find My Past’s instagram – delivering their best performing posts.


Since Monty posts began, there has been an 82% increase in impressions, a 243% increase in engagement and a 309% increase in net audience growth across all platforms.

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