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Monty increased awareness of their award-winning cocktails and hard seltzers – with their mantra to create safe spaces of positivity, self-expression and acceptance at the heart of our curated content. We reached a new, diverse audience that connected with the brand and their beliefs.

Lot 42 is not just a drinks brand. Following the war, Co-founder Chris’ grandparents found safety on Lot 42, Prince Edward Island. For them, it was a place of positivity and freedom.

Allowing them to grow a community which welcomed others with open arms. Lot 42 represents a moment of reconnection with what matters.


Whether it be through the consistent look and feel we’ve created through carousels, graphics, animations and reels on Instagram, our premium but playful TOV that we’ve executed across all copy and community management, or through launching TikTok.

Many alcohol brands shy away from using TikTok, however, we created a personal account for the founders (@theboysandbruce) which has been a huge success.

Here, they share their campervan travels, relationship, and what it’s like being entrepreneurs – albeit with Lot 42 branding sprinkled here and there. On TikTok we have 35,826 views, and our engagement rate is an impressive 7.94%.

“On TikTok we have 35,826 views, and our engagement rate is an impressive 7.94%.”

During festival season, we were on hand at Wilderness Festival and London Pride to direct and shoot 9:16 content, making sure to jump on #WildernessFestival and #LondonPride hashtags while they were hot.


We were an extension of the Lot 42 family at Wilderness festival. We were involved and executed all Wilderness posts end-to-end, receiving an incredible 5,562 across 52 owned and influencer posts – an incredible 328% increase over the engagement of an average post.

Keep following Lot 42 to see what more we’ve been working on.


Thumb stopping social, across Instagram and TikTok, a repositioning for the brand, and a high engagement rate, consistent across all content shared.

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