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Turning up the heat in Clapham’s iconic (carpeted) disco
What we did

Clapham institution Infernos needs no introduction, and our goal was always to reflect that instant recognition by becoming one of the most talked about nightclub accounts on social. We wanted to become known for something.

The client knew they had something special but didn’t know how to communicate that effectively on social and which channels to prioritise. Monty super-charged their content output with a video-led strategy and launched a TikTok channel with original content series to show what a night at Infernos is really like.

We started jumping on reactive moments and introduced talent-led video collaborations. Within nine months, their social followers increased by 2400%, with a TikTok channel that racks up ten million views monthly. In short: one of the most talked about nightclub accounts on the platform.


Like many clients, Infernos were laser-focused on Instagram, and took some persuading to launch on TikTok. They wanted engagement on social, but they also wanted us to promote their monthly themed parties and to bring more people in before midnight.

As a venue that relies mostly on 21-28s, it was clear to us that TikTok is where their audience would be (and where we should build FOMO), but it was important to test this and make hypotheses not assumptions. One thing we did know for sure is that the Infernos magic happens within the club nights, so we were keen to shoot original video content to grow their feeds – focused on the characters that frequent the club.

We were also keen to champion brand ambassadors and big personalities within the staff at Infernos, to start creating content from the inside. Video trends come and go quickly, so we needed to build a robust content machine that allowed us to jump on these, and turn them around fast.

“Infernos magic happens within the club nights!”


We started by looking at the intersection of popular nightclub accounts and viral trends and audios. From there, we built out a test and learn plan, using UGC to read the temperature before commissioning our first batch of original content. Through rigorous content analysis we quickly learned which types of video content performed best.

For Infernos, it’s anything where the club’s cheeky personality shines through, so we’re able to mock both the club and the punters. One effective way of doing this was by fronting the content with talent who magnified the characters found in Infernos, and who’s brilliant at teasing out the best stories from those character – step forward Made in Chelsea’s Freddie Browne.

We continue to test and learn content themes and trends at our monthly club shoots. Some shoots are talent-led, some aren’t. The key is building up a roster of personalities to feature in the content so we don’t end up with one ‘face’ of the brand, but rather a family of recognisable brand ambassadors.

This allows us to reach their audiences too via Instagram’s collaboration tool, but it’s also a great way of attracting other talent who want to partner with Infernos.


The Infernos Instagram account has doubled it’s following in the past nine months, with the average engagement rate 5x better than it was. Videos regularly achieve 50k+ views, with our best performer to date hitting 700k.

TikTok has been the biggest success to date. We started posting regularly in May 2022, and by October we’d hit 21k followers with 550k likes and the two best performing videos achieving combined views of 8m.

As well as becoming one of the most talked about London nightclubs on and off social media, we’ve also helped Infernos sell out their ticketed monthly events and get people through the doors earlier…so their spend value increases across the night too!

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