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Unless you’ve been living off-grid since in blew into the social scene in 2019, you’ve probably heard about the TikTok For You Page which is where TikTok users can watch curated content that the TikTok algorithm thinks they might watch or like.

Well, the Instagram Explore Page is sort of the same thing but for Instagram. It is made up of content curated by the Instagram algorithm to users’ individual interests, and in this blog, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about it AND our top tricks on how you can get your brand onto it.

  • Social Tips

Advantages Of Getting On The Explore Page

If you’re a brand that uses social media for marketing, then we’re guessing Instagram is probably somewhere at the top of your mind. There are so many different brands on the platform and each of them are uploading their own unique content, so you need to start thinking of ways to maximise your reach among all of the movement.


This is where the Explore Page becomes your bestie because getting on the Explore Page has one obvious benefit – more people will see your content:

  • You can expect ore engagement on the post that made it to the Explore Page, since more people can see your content now. If you use the “shop” feature on Instagram and add links to your products featured in the post, you’ve also just increased your chances of making sales and gaining new customers!
  • Your follower count will climb! Make sure your content is always eye-grabbing and engaging so that as many people from the Explore Page want to follow you as possible.
  • New followers = more engagement on future posts, so get that post schedule ready as the traffic on your page is about to be intense.

“Your first key to success will be knowing your audience as it is crucial to establishing a good marketing strategy”

How To Get On The Explore Page? Know Your Audience

Your first key to success will be knowing your audience as it is crucial to establishing a good marketing strategy. Luckily, finding out when your followers are active is easy; if you have an Instagram Business account just head over to the Audience section in the Insights tab and you’ll find when your followers are more active, by the hour and by the day.

As for what type of content your audience likes, pay close attention to the kinds of posts that are getting the most engagement for you. Instagram Business’ Insights feature also lets you figure out which posts/stories on your page perform better by looking at engagement, reach, impressions etc. Just figure out where the pattern is and you’re golden!

You’ll find more on getting to know your audience in our “How To Promote Your Brand Without “Promoting” It blog.

Learn From Posts Already On The Explore Page

A great way to get a scope of what could do well on the Explore Page is to look at what is doing well. Take a look at your Explore Page and search for engaging posts related to your industry; you will get plenty of insight into what your prospective audience would like to see as well as gain an idea of what kind of content the Instagram algorithm is noticing.

Even if you spot a post on your Explore Page that has nothing to do with your brand’s industry, take a careful look and think about how you can incorporate some of those key elements into your own posts. Anything that has managed to get on the Explore Page likely has quite high engagement, which means there is something to learn from every post!

“At least 3 Reels are featured on each page of the Explore Page”

Use Reels Format and Shoppable Posts

Videos are obviously the best-performing content across all social media platforms. You have Reels on Instagram, TikToks on TikTok (duh) and Youtube Videos! If you know your Insta, then you’ll know that the algorithm is pushing their Reels. Hard.

Using the Reels format can work super well for your brand because at least 3 Reels are featured on each page of the Explore Page, and it also has its completely own section in the app.

Actually, it would be kind of silly to NOT include Reels in your content plan. Similarly, shoppable posts are HOT right now, but there are so many brands using the shop feature on their posts, that you’ve got to be crafty and creative with your execution and post it at just the right time to get the most engagement.

“Influencers are the fairies of the social media world, fluttering from brand to brand and sprinkling some of their following onto their platforms.”

Work With Influencers

Influencers are the fairies of the social media world, fluttering from brand to brand and sprinkling some of their following onto their platforms. Working with influencers in the industry, or within your brand’s particular niche, will boost your reach and drive your engagement up from an audience that has already been grown by your influencer!

Read our Why Use Micro-Influencers To Expand Your Brand On Social Media blog to get into more depth about why this is the right business move for your brand. Not only will the extra engagement drive your post to the Explore Page, but you can cross-promote the posts on both your brand page and the influencers’ page as well as repurpose content in your content plan for future posts. Two birds, one stone!

We hope this blog told you all you need to know about the Explore Page, so just use these top tips and you’re sure to get enough engagement on your content to eventually reach it!

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