Why use micro-influencers to expand your brand on social media?
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Micro-Influencers are influential accounts on social media with a smaller following than more significant influencers. Micro-Influencers tend to have an excellent engagement rate as they actively reply to their followers and have a true connection with their fan base.

They normally have from around 3000-100,000 followers, and as such it’s is very popular to see small businesses using micro-influencers to help promote their brand and reach their niche target audience! They’re cheap, get good results, and can help you get real return on investment.

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The best thing about using micro-influencers is that they already have a loyal and trusting follower base so therefore, anything they promote to their fans they will most likely be interested in the product.

Because of their small follower count micro-influencers will have more time to respond and answer any questions their followers may have. This creates trust and can also be beneficial for your brand to make sure your company comes across in the right way!

Using a micro-influencer to promote your brand is good because you can choose someone that is in the same niche as your company is. For example, if you are a beauty brand you wouldn’t want a gamer promoting your product as their followers are most likely not going to be interested in that topic.

However, choosing someone who is into beauty and fashion would be the right route for you. This is a very important step into choosing the right micro-influencers for your brand. You need to look at their niche, how they present themselves on social media and their engagement rates. This person will be representing your brand so you want someone with the same niche and values as your company.

Now, most micro-influencers from 3000-10k followers will not ask for a fee and will happily receive a free product in return for some content your brand can use! This is great for small companies or ones that have just started as you probably wont have a high budget to pay the micro-influencers.

You will be able to get your brand promoted to cold audiences and also have content you can share to your social channels as well! However, some micro-influencers do require a small sum of money if they are going to promote your brand and create content for you. Sometimes it is worth paying the extra buck because these influencers know that their engagement rate is high and whatever they promote will most likely sell.

If you create a brand new product you are going to be starting from the bottom and wanting to work your way up. You are going to need to gain peoples trust and also show your product in action.

Using micro-influencers is a great way to start. This is because if a micro-influencer is seen using or with your product then cold customers are more likely going to tryst that your brand is genuine and there will be a bigger chance they will engage with your social media. Having a micro-influencer to be your face to your brand is beneficial because they are showing your product in action and telling your audience why it’s great.

Micro-influencers are key to expanding your business. It had advantages such as the micro-influencers have loyal and trusting followers, they have a niche target audience, you will most likely be able to get content from them for free and you can get cold customers to trust that your brand is legit.

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