Why social media listening is important for your brand – top tips and how we use it!
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Users share an unprecedented amount of data online: every minute they post over 300,000 stories on Instagram, 147,000 photos on Facebook and 500 hours of video on YouTube. How do you make sense of so much data?

Read on to learn how Monty offers social media listening, learning from their audience, to help our clients get better success on social.

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Speaking to your audience is one thing. But how do you find new customers and fans of your brand? Social media listening can help – and allows you to reach those talking about topics that relate to your business.

Social media listening allows our clients to go where their customers are, filtering down to target users, leveraging social media groups and finding the right time to post for your different customers.

‘Listening’ allows us to analyse the conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry and off-topic conversations you may want to join. It helps make better marketing decisions, improve your content strategy, find influencers, understand where and when to turn up – and what your audience care about.

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Listening is different to reporting – as with listening you’re analysing and digging into the insight you can pull. It’s not just about numbers it’s about trends and what helps you understand deeper your target audience. So what do we do with social listening?

We help brands with their public perception – this can involved crisis management, or understanding who is adding flames to the fire around a key topic. Whether it’s a weekly report on their decisions and how the social media world took them, or steps to take next – brands can learn and grow from understanding what their audience are saying.

It’s not just about a crisis too – we work with our clients on competitive analysis, analysing a competing brand or product, learning about their next steps before they may even know what that is!

Social media audience listening is also key for event and campaign data – don’t wait until after the influencer activation to monitor and reflect on the results – do it during the campaign!

Monitoring your audiences response is paramount to a full social strategy. We can see how content is performing in real time, and the true effect it’s having on your target audience. Are they seeing it, and do they care? Is it resonating… or could we do better?

It also allows us to compare your platforms, from Instagram to LinkedIn or Reddit. Does your social audience align with other channels? If you don’t use social media listening, you’re leaving a lot of valuable insights out… and could be missing out.

“Monitoring your audiences response is paramount to a full social strategy.”

Whether it’s that one of your products isn’t hitting the spot, your customer service is being discussed for all the wrong reasons, or possible to thank a certain member of staff for going above and beyond… why miss what people are saying about you?

It’s time to listen, and learn! Want to know more – get in touch with us today so we can take you through our social media listening offering and real case studies of how it’s positively affected our client’s results. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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