How to write more likeable social media copy that gets sales
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Copy is the language that accompanies the creative, and it isn’t just there to tell the same story. When used well, copy can well… tell 1000 words. But it’s also valuable for getting the viewer to learn more, take an action, or quick skim the topic of your video… or post. So, how can you make the most of copy? Read on to find out!

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Target audience

A very important part of writing copy is knowing who you’re writing to. Your target audience will determine how you speak and what you mention in your copy. For example, if you have a target audience of 25 and below then you will probably be using a lot of trending terminology from TikTok, Twitter or Instagram.

This is because that age group are very fond of memes and funny catch phrases so adding that into your copy will make it stand out from the rest. On the other hand if you have a slightly older audience and a more serious brand you are going to be talking in a more formal tone of voice.

You will also mention things in your copy that will be relatable for that older audience as a 50 year old might not get references an 18 year old does.

This step of figuring out who you’re talking to is going to be vital to engaging your audience and therefore getting sales.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are key, however over-explaining will be your worst enemy and will make your customers less likely to read if there is a huge paragraph with little detail.

You need to make your audience imagine themselves with the product. For example if you are selling a candle then you can set the scene of having a glass of wine laying on the couch with a lovely candle burning. Using creative language will let the reader be able to imagine themselves already with the product.

For a younger audience it could be that you’re selling a clothing line and talking about what pieces could be great for upcoming festivals. An amazing example of a company with great captivating product description is Charlotte Tilbury.

This is because even though they have a lot of text they make it fun to read with bold words and lovely phrases. They talk about their product features while setting the scene of how luxurious it is to use their product and the features it has.

Be creative with the layout

Having a massive paragraph of text is not going to be appealing for people to read. So if you do have a lot to say then maybe break it up into smaller paragraphs. That way you can start to get creative with how you write and know that people will actually engage with it.

Having emojis is a big part of social media copy. The odd emoji here and there can really help you capture the attention of the reader. Around 40% of people respond better to visual information than just written alone.

This can also add colour to your copy so you can match what you’re talking about to the emoji. A great example of this is how Pretty Little Thing writes their copy. It is engaging, easy to read and fits their target audience so well. They use emojis so well and make sure they always get their customers involved by asking a question or relating the copy back to a relatable topic.

Personality within the text

Having a plain piece of writing isn’t going to connect with your customer. It is going to give the impression that all you care about is the sale and not actually about giving your content substance for your customers to enjoy.

Having your personality be transparent through your copy is going to be beneficial to your sale. It humanises your brand and lets the customers know that you’re a real person and will also build trust between your brand and the customers.

You can also ask how your customers are and ask them to comment down below something fun they did that day. You can then start conversations with your customers.

Doing this will increase your sales because it makes your brand likeable. Having a personal opinion within your copy is great to portray personality to your customers.

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