National Apprenticeship Week 2022: What it’s like being a social media apprentice at Monty!
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Hear from one of our Apprentice’s, Mia, on National Apprentice Week:

Happy National Apprentice Week! My name is Mia and I am an apprentice here at Monty! I mainly content create for our amazing clients but I also help with community management, planning collaborations, writing blogs, and attending meetings! I am so lucky to have landed this position and I am loving every minute of it.

  • Monty Team

When I first started: How did I feel

I first started back in December of 2021. My first day was so exciting, it was the first stepping stone to the rest of my life. On the first day, I met Alfie who is the founder of Monty, Charlie who is the account executive and then Ari who is the other apprentice that started alongside me!

Everybody at Monty is so lovely. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time because both Alfie and Charlie are so great at giving me constructive criticism and advice. Learning in a practical environment was really the best option for me. I am getting the experience I need, learning from the best and also getting a qualification as well!

The benefits of an apprenticeship over University – Why I chose an apprenticeship

I knew that I was ready to enter into the real world and start learning in a practical environment. With apprenticeships, you can learn as you go and gain new skills from actually doing them instead of reading about it or hearing someone else explain it. Like you would in university.

While working, I will also be attending classes to get my content creator qualification. I have also found my independence after starting this job, I am earning money while doing something I love to do. It’s the perfect combo!

So if you feel like University is not the right place for you then I highly suggest you find yourself an apprenticeship in the area of jobs you want to go into. I was lucky enough to land myself a job right in the role that I wanted and so can you.

My favourite part of the apprenticeship

My favourite part about this apprenticeship is how I am so hands on with creating content and meeting with the clients. I feel very much a part of the team and Alfie and Charlie have been so welcoming and supportive.

I love brainstorming ideas with Ari and then turning that into actual content that I will then see on our clients social media accounts. Just being able to see Monty’s process of meeting with a client for the first time, discussing what they want us to produce, then going away and creating that content has been really exciting. It is so cool to see the behind the scenes of what everyone sees on Instagram from brands.

Overcoming my first hurdle

Before starting my apprenticeship I had a little social anxiety. This was my first hurdle that I had to overcome when starting this job. Having an apprenticeship has definitely given me more confidence and has forced me to overcome my social anxiety.

Which is a good thing because I now feel confident walking into the office everyday. Meeting new people is my favourite thing to do and this job allows me to network as everyday I meet someone new, especially while working in London.

Was it the right choice for me?

Overall, I think apprenticeships are great for people wanting to dive right into work and be independent. You can earn money while learning on the job and getting a qualification. I am so glad I chose to go for this job because it is teaching me so many things in such a short space of time and has allowed me to meet so many amazing people in the field of work I love.

It is the perfect scenario and I can see lots more people choosing to go down this route instead of going to University.

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