Find love with your followers! Top tips to make your followers fall in love with you on social media
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The world of social media can be disorienting and confusing at times, you find yourself wondering if you’re doing all the right things to make your page lovable and you don’t know if you’ve captured the love of your audience or not.

But fear not, we’ve listed 4 top tips that will make your followers fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day; implement these tactics into your social media platforms and soon enough your followers will be so crazy about you you’d think they’ve been struck by cupid!

  • Social Tips

Be Active and INTERactive

You want your followers to feel seen and heard by you, and you definitely don’t want them to forget about you! So be active on your social platforms and be interactive with your followers.

If you see that your followers have shared your content, thank them! If you don’t have any content planned to put out one day, use Instagram’s poll or questions feature or just go live to show your audience that you are there, you see them and you appreciate their support.

Being active on your social media and being interactive with your followers is a great way to connect with your audience and attract them to return to your page, because it helps connect the gap between you and your supporters by including them in your daily communications. Whether it’s an Instagram “poll” story asking for your followers’ opinions on something, or an “ask me questions” Instagram story which lets your audience ask questions about you, the best thing you can do to make your social media be loved is connect with your followers!

Be Attractive 

Appearances are very important when it comes to social media, and your followers’ first impressions of your page are the most important because they are the people who you want to stick around.

Being attractive as a social media brand means making sure your feed, branding and page look picture perfect, as well as knowing your audience’s interests and being the barbie to their ken. Take the time to understand the demographics of your audience, which social platforms they prefer and the ways in which they consume their media.

By getting to know your audience, what they are interested in hearing about, how old they are, when they are active and where they are from, your platform will become the pot of gold in a sea of coal.

So, what can you do to understand this data and tailor your brand’s social content to your audience’s interests? A great place to start is by using Google Analytics’ audience demographic and interests tabs to do a deep-dive into your platform’s overall audience.

Consistency and branding are also key pillars in making your brand attractive on social media; make sure that your brand’s name can be clearly seen throughout your page and remember to be posting consistently and interacting constantly with your audience, so your brand can become the number 1 page on social media where your followers are concerned!

Be Consistent

Like any strong relationship, consistency is key to maintaining that passion and drive that your followers love to see and be a part of. If your followers were your long-term girlfriend, being consistent is the equivalent to putting a ring on it.

The best place to start is to plan specific days where you will post, this way your followers know that on Wednesday and Friday they should be expecting a juicy post of yours to pop up on their feed. Being consistent with your social presence not only builds a sense of togetherness between you and your followers, but also builds their trust in your platform and in you.

Making sure that you are also posting on your social media stories on days where you won’t post a grid post on Instagram is also a great way to establish your commitment to your relationship with your audience. Be consistent, show up for your followers and in no time they will be head over heels for you!

Be Authentic

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Authenticity is the best way to attract new followers to your platform, and encourage the ones you do have to stick around.

Being authentically you on social media is hard, but it builds a big trust between you and your followers because it creates a reassurance that you will be true to yourself and true to your audience.

With an abundance of social media users at 4.55 billion and climbing, we’re seeing more and more how easy it is for your presence on social media to become just like the rest. Your realness and authenticity is what will separate your social media platforms from all the rest, attracting a wave of followers who came for the feed and stayed for you!

Transparency and uniqueness are appreciated so much by people who want to support you; we all live normal lives behind our screens and your followers will love you even more for keeping it real with them.

So, now you want to implement these 4 key pointers to get your followers feeling head over heels for you.

Being active and interacting with your followers, being attractive to your specific audience, keeping consistent with your posts and constantly having something to post and finally, being authentically you.

If you follow these 4 key steps, you’re sure to get some love this Valentine’s Day!

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