TikTok vs Instagram Reels – Which one should your brand be using?
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TikTok has blown up from a small video sharing platform to the go-to for many small businesses and influencers to skyrocket their popularity overnight!

TikTok has become the most popular social media platform of the moment with 755 million users. TikTok offers short and entertaining clips that people love to just scroll and scroll through. But they’re not the only ones trying to get in on the fun, Instagram Reels is a similar tool. So is there a difference between the two?

If so, which one should you be using? Read on to learn about the differences and some tips on where you should share your content!

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“Even though they have similarities, they also have some differences that may make people choose TikTok over Reels”

Difference in features

When you look at both platforms from afar they are both awfully similar. TikTok has a feature called ‘Duets’ and Instagram has ‘Remix’. This allows a user to put their video next to another one that’s already been posted.

This feature is helpful for people collaborating or showing a before and after result. However, even though they have similarities, they also have some differences that may make people choose TikTok over Reels. For example, TikTok has a feature called ‘Stitch’ which allows users to use a clip of another video within theirs.

A lot of people use this feature to make comments on other videos. If you are a company looking to comment on an account using your product you can use this feature to create personable feedback videos.

A very important difference between the two is that TikTok allows you to record for longer. Instagram Reels let you film for 15, 30, or 60 seconds whereas TikTok is 15 or 30 seconds and then 3 minutes.

“50% of TikTok’s users are under the age of 34.”


The factor of the target audience is going to play a big part in your decision between TikTok and Instagram Reels as you want to be where your target audience is.

The two platforms have slightly different demographics, with Instagram having an older audience than TikTok. According to Omnicore, roughly 50% of TikTok’s users are under the age of 34. With 32.5% being between the ages of 10 and 19.

With Instagram, the two leading age groups are 25-34 and 18-24, 25-34 taking 32% and 18-24 28%. This information will definitely sway your decision in choosing between the two platforms.

If your company is advertised for an older generation then you may want to consider using Instagram. If you are aiming your company towards younger users then jumping into the TikTok train will allow you to do that.

“TikTok has built-in content and audience analytics for users with a pro account.”


When thinking about analytics and tracking your content TikTok definitely takes the crown.

TikTok has built-in content and audience analytics for users with a pro account. There are three sections in their analytics, Overview, content, and followers. This is a key feature for companies wanting to see how well their content is doing.

Some of the most useful features are total time watched, percentage of views per country, and total watch time.

Instagram however lacks very little in the department of analytics. It only allows you to see likes, saves, and comments. This is very restricting because as a company you would like to see how well your content is doing but Instagram is not the platform for that.

“TikTok protects the safety of minors and shields banned topics”

Banned content

TikTok bans a lot of content. Now, this could be a major problem if you are a brand that is targeted for a certain age and over.

For example, there are no alcohol brands on TikTok. This is because they don’t want teenagers to be advertised as something that could harm them. TikTok protects the safety of minors and shields any content to do with violence, drugs, alcohol, and graphic content.

If your ad even mentions something in those categories it will be taken down. Instagram Reels are however much more relaxed. You have a lot more freedom with what you post so, therefore, gives your company that space to advertise.

Brand awareness is key to connecting with the right audience and providing the content they want to see.

If you are still unsure with what platform to choose you can always test and try both and see which one works out best. So you need to evaluate your target audience, the feel of your company, and the type of content you want to produce. All of that will go into whether you will choose TikTok or Instagram Reels.

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