TikTok Trends – 5 of the best you can get involved with today
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We’ve rounded up the top 5 TikTok trends that have popped up on the “For You Pages” of billions of people around the world.

From dance trends, to trends that will test your creative boundaries, to trends that were specifically created for content creators and small businesses; TikTok’s users are forever producing new and innovative trends for its users to participate in.

Hear from Monty’s apprentice Arlinda on what’s been appearing on her feed…

  • Monty Team

We all know that TikTok is a powerhouse of social platforms and although it is the 7th most used social platform in the world, it’s still taking Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook by storm.

Tiktok is an immensely diverse app, with users from all over the world. 1 billion TikTok users participate in making TikTok what it is; by creating new and innovative trends, memes such as the ones we used to see on Vine, catchy songs that gain momentum through new trends and finally, helping create communities within TikTok that tailor to many of the unique interests these users have.


Let’s start off with the own brand freestyle which was created by a TikTok user and UK artist named @dreyamac1 who is also the singer of the song that goes with the trend. The track itself has had over 2.4 Million views on Youtube – and it rose to popularity in November of 2021 alongside the whirlwind of attention that the own brand freestyle trend received on TikTok.

Although the own brand freestyle has been all over many of our For You pages throughout the month of November, you may know it better as the “I ain’t ever been with a baddie” trend. It became known for this name because of the catchy lyrics to the song that goes with the dance.

The trend is composed of a sassy dance, a catchy song and a LOT of energy to match them with.

Many TikToks posted under this sound have gone viral, despite having a small platform or following.

This trend in particular seems to have been boosted by TikTok’s algorithm, because the more momentum that a trend catches, the more users get attracted to the platform which helps expand TikTok’s global reach.

This trend has been dominated by a mix of verified creators and small creators, making it an attractive trend for small creators who would like to expand their TikTok audience.


The Adult Swim trend pays homage to the “bumps” on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s overnight programming block that airs shows geared towards an older audience.

The TikToks of this trend include short films, brief textual sequences or time-lapses, all ending with the Adult Swim logo which appears somewhere within the action.


By June 2021 #adultswim had been used 1.1 billion times on TikTok.

So, how did the adult swim trend come to be? TikTok user @supvano3 first created the trend when he posted his version of the famous adult swim bumps, saying “This sound works with everything… Try it out [as]”. If you wanted to join the fun and participate in the trend, the best place to start would be to make your own creative clip that starts with some conversational text and whatever you like going on in the background; and ends with the [as] logo being revealed in an unexpected way.

An example would be picking up a bowl of cereal and sitting underneath it is [as] created with bits of cereal, which is similar in concept to the nostalgic Adult Swim bumps but with your own unique twist!

Adult Swim’s Vice President, speaking about the burst of attention following the popular TikTok trend, said to Forbes: “We’ve been creating bumps on our air for over a decade. To see people having as much fun with them as we have over the years is incredible.”


I Understood The Assignment is a song by musical artist Tay Money which is used for the “I understood the assignment” trend and has racked up 2.5 Million views on YouTube.

Since its release in September 2021 the song has seen a large amount of success on TikTok, where it is used by people trying to show off individual skills or assets. The way this trend became one of the most popular sounds on TikTok in 2021 was when user @chatyah.burroughs3 posted a TikTok using the audio to show her weight loss journey, earning 5 million views in one month and establishing itself as the dominant use of the sound.

This trend is one that can work to show off a multitude of different accomplishments. From showing off your weight loss journey, to small business owners showing off their best-selling products, to showcasing a DIY project that you worked on; the beauty of this trend is that it can be manipulated to work well for many different creators and brands.


The Album Cover trend has TikTokers turning random footage from their camera rolls into album covers to prove that “anything can be an album cover”.

The trend began growing in popularity in late January 2021 after the April 2020 TikTok album cover trend had just passed, which was very similar to the 2021 Album Cover trend. However, this time creators are using footage from their camera rolls, snapchats etc. and turning specific frames into album covers.


The trend has  attracted an abundance of talented artists such as photographers, painters, illustrators and animators to show off their art by turning it into a creative version of their own album cover.

Among many other talented creators, TikToker and photographer @itchban1 is a great example of how artists could use the Album Cover trend to promote their work.

@itchban participated in this popular trend and put his photography skills to the test, making a TikTok about the process of capturing the shots and showing the final album cover products, reaching 1.3M likes and 5.1M views as a result of his amazing talent.


The Photo Dump trend floods TikTok every now and then, and this winter, TikTok has been full of videos like these. The trend calls for people to “dump” recent and random photos from their camera roll into a TikTok, with the goal of it looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The photos typically shared in these videos are both casual and beautiful; think photos of light reflecting on walls, sunsets, flowers, delicious food, shy smiles, friends laughing and candid pics.

Photo dumps became especially popular during quarantine, when nobody had any Instagram-worthy events to attend or dress up for.

As a result, the trend of photo dumps eventually made its way to TikTok and is now taking the platform by storm with aesthetically pleasing short clips showcasing people’s personalities based on the photos that are most recent in their camera roll. The trick to this trend is that you can’t cheat by hand-picking the pictures you want to include in the video.

You must post your recent photos without missing any or going further up in your camera roll to find your favourite ones, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a “photo dump” and the trend would lose its authenticity.

What trends have you spotted on TikTok? Want to know more about building a brand on the platform? Get in touch with us today to grab a coffee and learn more…

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