3 ways to make sure your social media ads work and get results…
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At Monty we know the power of social media adverts. A solid paid strategy with compelling copy and creative gets results – and our client works speaks for itself.

Read on to learn some top tips on getting the most out of your social media paid budget and how to ensure those adverts pop.

  • Social Tips

Grab attention

Sorry Spielberg but that feature length film isn’t going to work for a Facebook advert. Get to the good bit quick. You have a matter of seconds to grab attention and stop your audience scrolling so lead with an offer, bright creative or recognisable face.

So whether it’s cute kittens, jaw-dropping discounts or a celebrity endorsement… find what works for your business.

Maybe you’ll be able to offer a problem or solution for your customer – or explain in a few words what you do or are selling… A study by VideoMob revealed that ads which used text in the first 3 seconds performed 46% better than those without, so keep it simple, and make it clear.

“You have a matter of seconds to grab attention and stop your audience scrolling.”

Call to action

It sounds simple, but make it clear what you want a user to do next. Contact you? Comment? Buy now? Email you.. call you… the list goes on. Make sure your call to action is clearly displayed either in the copy or in the creative, or both! Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm, to really speak to your customer.

Compelling and clear call to actions can increase engagement as the user feels compelled to complete such a simple task.

Bonus – consider fear of missing out. Is there a limited time on an offer, or limited stock left? Creating urgency can help a customer make that purchase.

“Make sure your call to action is clearly displayed.”

Make it unmissable

Whether it’s an amazing client you’ve worked with, your 5 star reviews or the fact you’re stocked in a premium location – make the focus on your sell something that your audience will understand and relate to… Inform your client, educate them and give them a reason to click.

If they’re looking for trust, reviews may help – if it’s to understand your new product show it in situ in real customers homes. Customers need to feel your sell is ‘realistic’ to them… and doesn’t seem to good to be true.

“Make the focus on your sell something that your audience will understand.”

Want to know more about how we accelerate our clients paid results or have questions about the success of paid social media advertising? Get in touch with us today for a free social media audit.

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