Monty’s starter guide for launching your brand on social media in 2022!
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January is the time for resolutions! New year, new me… But how can you set your businesses social media up for success in 2022? What should be your priorities and how can you reach those goals? Read on to learn some top tips…

  • Social Tips

“Considering the end goal, and how you’d like to get there is of paramount importance.”

Goal one – Grow my social media following

So, in 2022 you want to grow your social media following. Well, first off you need to choose the right platform to fit your target audience.

Instagram and Twitter are full of users aged 14-29 whilst Facebook’s biggest demographic is 30-60. You can also look at what channels your peers and competitors use and piggy back off that! A good starting point is two social platforms, giving you lots to play with!

Next you need to analyse your competitors. What are they doing right? Is there something you need to do that is working for them? What are they doing wrong? Have you found that things are working well for you and not them? Once you have gathered all the information you need to put this into action, build a plan of your priority goals. Is it followers? Comments? Website clicks?

Hashtags will be useful as they help your content be categorised with similar content making you more visible. Paid content which will also make you seen within your targeted audience.

Considering the end goal, and how you’d like to get there is of paramount importance. Considering your audience, platforms and purpose will help you understand what is needed to reach your goal.

Goal two – Drive more sales to my business through social media

Let’s talk campaigns. They are fun for your followers, increase interest in your business and allow you to have fun with your brands.

A special social-only offer, competitions or collaborations are all great ways to start. An idea for a competition is giving a challenge to your customers to create a Reel/TikTok using your product. The winner will get a prize of your choice and will also get that video posted onto your account.

This would be great as all the video that your customers are creating and posting are free promotion, and grow your organic reach.

A very simple but effective way to get clicks and sales is to simply just put your website in your bio. Some customers may not know what your website is called and without it in your bio you could be losing out on sales!

“No one wants to be following an account that is desperate to sell.”

 Goal three – Post interesting and better quality content

A very simple but very effective goal is posting quality content over quantity. To do this, we suggests creating a content calendar. This will allow you to prepare for posts weeks in advance. Then once you have written out your ideas you can then start creating!

Posting within your niche is key for captivating your target audience. So, if you’re an alcohol company you wouldn’t start posting about fashion trends in 2022. You would post for example ‘Top five favourite cocktails in the new year’.

Investing in a good camera or phone for your content will be beneficial for your feed. This is because a cold audience will take your brand more seriously if there are good quality photographs.

Also, make sure there’s a good mix of content. No one wants to be following an account that is desperate to sell. To have a balance on your social media you can talk about things that are within your niche, this shows you understand your audience and you have similarities with them!

Goal four – Create a loyal customer base

Having loyal customers and followers is the key foundation to having a successful business on social media.

A key way to increase loyalty is communication. You should always be responsive to your customers and follower, so you create trust between your customers and don’t leave them in the dark.

When you create trust and loyal followers it leads to more sales as potential customers see a trustworthy and engaging brand. Another way to do this is through re-sharing UGC, also known as User Generated Content. This will help to create a circle of validity around your product.

Cold customers seeing already loyal customers with the product will encourage them to buy.

Another top tip is to showcase customer reviews and feedback – it shows you are listening to your customers and celebrates what is great about your brand!

“Cold customers seeing already loyal customers with the product will encourage them to buy.”

We hope the above 2022 goals for your business have inspired you! Making goals and planning for them are much better than making hopeful resolutions that in the end do not get fulfilled.  Start 2022 with a bang on social media!

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