Three important Facebook features you can use to promote your brand
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We all know by now that Facebook is a great marketing tool for businesses, but what features can Facebook offer that you can use to promote your brand?

Here at Monty we have outlined 3 key tools and features that you can utilise to make the most of your Facebook Business Page; read on to find out what they are!

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Start with a small paid budget

That’s right… you’re going to need to put together a small marketing budget to kick things off.

Paid advertising is one way you can use Facebook to promote your business and get the word of your brand out there; the first step is to create a Facebook Ads Manager account, which is a sophisticated dashboard that provides users with an overview of all their campaigns.

You can’t run ads through personal profiles, so to do this you’ll need a Facebook Business Page. The next step is to start creating an ad, new campaign or ad set through Facebook’s Ads Manager and to do this, step over to the type of ad you want to create and click the green “create” button.

Once you’ve chosen which type of ad you want to create, you’ll want to choose an objective of which Facebook offers 11 to choose from: brand awareness, reach, website traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales and store traffic. By choosing one of these objectives, you’re giving Facebook a better idea of what you’d like to do so they can help you find the best-suited ad options, so choose wisely!

Next you want to choose your target audience – if you’re just starting out with paid advertising on Facebook, you might have to experiment with several different targeting options until you reach the audience that fits your brand just right.

Facebook’s built-in targeting includes the following options: location, age, gender, languages, relationship, education, work, financial, home, ethnic affinity, generation, parents, life events, interests, behaviours and connections. When you find a group that responds well to your ads, Facebook allows you to save these audiences to be used again later! Nifty, right? All that’s left to do after that is to set your budget and create your ad, Facebook offers daily budgets which will pace your spending per day and lifetime budgets which will pace your spending over the time period you set your ad to run for.

Your ad will either be a “links” ad or a “carousel” ad, and that is totally up to you! Happy advertising!

Sound a bit too complex? Don’t worry, we’re paid professionals – get in touch with Monty today and we can put together a marketing strategy focused on results-driven success.

Organic content creation

A creative way you can use Facebook to promote your brand is organically! This means relying only on your brilliant social skills, creativity and no external help from Facebook themselves.

Try mixing up your post formats, using images and videos that will be attractive to your audience, experimenting with your posting tempo to keep you audience on their feet, asking your followers to turn on notifications, getting verified on Facebook and most importantly NEVER resorting to “click bait”.

The value here is that you’ll build an organic engaged audience… who will increase and widen your reach through social sharing.

But, Facebook is a pay to play platform, so organic will only get you so far. Mixing up your post formats keeps your audience interested in your platform and your brand because they will be met with content layouts that they haven’t seen 200 times before.

It’s important to keep your authenticity in mind, let your organic creative juices flow and channel it into your brand’s Facebook page!

Community Management

Community Management is an integral part of your online Facebook strategy. In person, you’d never ignore a customer… or listener, so why do it on Facebook?

It’s become increasingly popular over the years for brands to see the importance in hiring community managers because they are the tone, voice and overall human element to their brand.

Here at Monty we provide social management for many of our clients; and our clients see our importance in the role of keeping their tone of voice strong and noticeable, which is what community management is all about!

An amazing and FREE feature that Facebook offers is Facebook’s Business Manager, which you can use to manage community management on your brand’s page. Just log into your Facebook Business Manager account, link the Facebook pages you wish to manage, link your Facebook Ads account and get managing.

With this feature you can also give access to other members of your team, so you call all work simultaneously to respond to your audience and let them know you’re listening!

Want a bit more support? Get in touch with us today for a brand workshop to help align your brand’s values and tone of voice.

So, there you have it! Log in and get ready to grow with Facebook. What’s stopping you?! Need some more help or fancy letting the professionals sprint this process to focus on your growth? Get in touch with us today.

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