7 key dates to add to your 2022 marketing and social media calendars
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Here at Monty we know the secret to a good social media strategy is to turn up to conversations that matter to your audience. Talking about your brand is one thing, but leaning into habits, interests and passions of your followers will not only grow engagement but brand loyalty.

Hear from our Social Media Apprentice Mia on her top 7 dates to not miss that you should add to your marketing calendars right now!

  • Monty Team

The Golden Globes – 9th of January 2022

Let’s start with the Golden Globes on the 9th of January 2022. Celebrating American and international films, it is one of the most luxurious awards out there. Expect big fashion moments, big film winners, and a lot of talk about who will take home the gongs.

In 2020 6.9 million people watched the Golden Globes. Whilst it’s broadcast live in the US you can expect a global appeal with UK film fans tuning into best bits, clips online and jumping onto the big moments.

You can join the conversation in a number of ways, such as talking about enjoying your product while watching. So for example if you’re an alcohol company you could talk about having a glass while watching the event.

Brit Awards – 8th of February

Next we have the Brit Awards on the 8th of February. This award ceremony celebrates the best songs and musicians of the year. The Brit Awards have really taken over social media as this year they live streamed on Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

Twitter had 20,000 tweets per minute during the show and Instagram had over 2 million likes across the #BritAwards hashtag.

You can join the conversation by posting about the nominees, who will be attending, how and what time they can watch. Then when the event is being shown, keep up with the big topics people are talking about and turn that into your own content by getting creative and twisting it to fit your niche.

If you are a clothing company, maybe you’re wearing a certain lounge set while watching? Or if you’re a food company maybe you’ve made yourself a nice dinner/snack and now watching the Brits!

Met Gala – May 2nd

This year the Met Gala is being held on May 2nd. Every year the biggest celebrities and fashion designers come together and dress up for a certain theme.

Whether you have a blog, website or social media, fans of the Met Gala will definitely pay attention to any news or big topics surrounding this event. It is so exciting seeing everyone show up and the anticipation is so thrilling!

Keep up to date with the trends by discussing previous themes, the big looks on the night and what went down! Providing relevant news will be great as that’s what people are searching for during and after the event.

There’s always a celebrity moment which stands out, or an outfit which goes viral – finding space to turn up as your brand to laugh, celebrate or discuss with your audience will be key to success when aligning with this event.

LGBTQ+ History Month – 1st of June

On the 1st of June we have Pride Month in the UK! A month long celebration to highlight the topics of acceptance, equality,  to celebrate the work of LGBTQ+ people, education in LGBTQ+ history and to raise awareness of issues the LGBTQ+ community face.

This celebration and awareness month has been going on since 1994. The streets are filled with rainbow flags and people supporting and spreading love. As a brand, you can align and tune into topics that matter to your customers and followers. For Pride month, you can choose to align your brand values to these important causes.

Whether it’s a charity fundraiser, education piece, or possibly speical event – your voice can amplify topics that matter, and customers will remember it. Don’t forget however that tokenistic alignment is not enough, and as a brand you have a responsibility to turn up – and say something!

Glastonbury – 22nd – 26th of June

Who else is excited for festival season? The most well known festival in the UK is happening on the 22nd to the 26th of June. From whether you’ll need wellies to if your favourite act is a secret headliner… as a brand the whole country tunes in to see what’s going on at the fields of Glastonbury.

Festival season means customers are looking for things to bring with them to look the part, and enjoy themselves. Your brand could make a must have list from your products, hether you are a food, clothing or alcohol company etc you can incorporate your products into festival living.

So for example, if you’re a fashion brand you could talk about your favourite festival looks from last year’s Glastonbury. Or if you’re an alcohol brand you could talk about where the drinking areas will be in the festival, or summer cocktails? And so on. There’s drinking, music, dancing, camping, fashion…you name it!

World Kindness Day – 13th of November

On the 13th of November it is World Kindness Day. No matter what your brand is – there’s going to be a way to intergrate this into your marketing plans. Spreading love and kindness is something everyone should practice everyday, right!?

Some people even celebrate November as a ‘random acts of kindness month’. Here at Monty we love this idea and you can influence your following-by posting your company showing acts of kindness-to do the same!

Whether that be gifting some products in a surprise competition, running a month long of surprises or doing something to give back, it’s a great chance to jump onto a global moment.

Black Pound Day – Every Month

For those of you who don’t know Black Pound Day falls on the first Saturday of every month. It is a movement that highlights black owned businesses and encourages people to shop with them online or in-store.

Celebrating those businesses with black-owned and black-supported products and services is a fantastic way to utilise your platform and do some good. The aim is to help change the way the UK shops to grow the black economy and black business owners… in turn gaining more inclusive habits.

If relevant, joining this conversation monthly shows your brand values. For example you could share one of your favourite black owned businesses that blends cohesively with your brand.

So there you have it! We hope that was enough inspiration to bulk out your content calendar a little more and to create some thumb stopping content. Next step is some researching and planning!

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