How to use Pinterest to market and grow your brand
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Ah, Pinterest! The platform that is lesser-known as a “social media platform” and more as an outlet of inspiration, information and most importantly… PINS. Pinterest is somewhat a hub where people showcase their unique products, but what makes it stand out from other social channels is that people approach Pinterest with some seriously inspiring purpose.

Some people use Pinterest to seek inspiration, some use Pinterest to browse, buy and sell brilliantly innovative products. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how you can use Pinterest to showcase your brand’s aesthetic and products by categorising them on different boards and including clips on how to use them.

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Creating The Perfect Pin

The first step is knowing what goes into creating the perf Pin. If you break down a great Pin you’ll see that there are a few important aspects to it: the title, the description and the type of Pin you wish to create. Just like the words you choose to include in the caption of your TikTok, the title should include important keywords.

This will help more people find your product on Pinterest through one simple search; It really helps to see which keywords work on Pinterest and on search engines as a whole, from an SEO* perspective. Google’s Keyword Planner will help you decide on which keywords to use. Next up comes giving your pin a description which fits into the 500-character limit; you can use keywords, relevant hashtags and even include some emojis to add some drama. Make sure you really encapsulate the soul of your product here, so that every benefit and feature is included for fellow Pinterest-ers to see.

We adore how Sephora manages to balance the perfect amount of sass and personality in their descriptions, and their organisation is *chef’s kiss*. Now, let’s talk about the type of Pin you want to create.

There are three basic types: Standard Pins, Idea Pins and Videos. While video Pins are just standard Pins in video form, a standard Pin is the most used “regular” type of Pin, a single photo with a title and description. The standard Pin is excellent for showcasing things such as clothes, jewellery pieces, candles and many more fun products.

As for Idea Pins, you don’t want to confuse these with “stories” as they are a series of Pins which you can click through one after the other. They are used for showing step-by-step instructions on how to use various products and DIY tutorials.

Fenty Beauty is a perfect example of how brands can use Pinterest, with organised boards, a range of how-to videos, “idea” and “standard” pins, they seriously know how to market their products on the platform!

Organising Boards

If you don’t know what a board is, it’s a collection of Pins organised in one place on your Pinterest profile. When you create a Pin, you’re prompted to add it to an already existing board or to create a brand new board from it. Boards are great if you have a range of different Pins relating to different things and you would like to organise them so that people can find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

To make your boards look neat, we recommend uploading a cover picture as the first Pin and designing it with a bold title and cute images that clearly show what the board is about. Boards are brill because you can even create sections within each board, just in case you have a lot of Pins to organise. Once you utilise this feature on Pinterest, your account is one step closer to getting that perfect brand look that you’re searching for to start marketing your amazing products. And as a plus… everything will be neatly organised!

Utilising Pinterest 

What you’re going to want to do first is to fill out your brand’s details on the “About Me” page. Make sure to use keywords in the description related to your brand and industry for better SEO*. Doing this successfully will help your Pins rank higher in the Google image results, bringing in new customers to your Pinterest page through an entirely different search engine!

You should always try to incorporate your beautiful brand logo into your pins, keeping a loose theme for each board or all of your Pins. Building commonality and a narrative helps tell a marketing story and organise your content for your customers.

On the topic of organising your content, creating a content plan should also be on your agenda so that you’re not just posting random Pins whenever you remember to… we suggest planning out a few boards and planning Pins to go out at regular times so that you know ahead of time what you’ll be posting next and won’t have to miss out on new customers. Thank us later!

Our final and most important tip is to link your Pins to pages on your website. This means that hyperlink tags can be added to the pin, redirecting users to your shop to buy your cupcake candles, funky throw pillows or handmade plant hangers… handy, right?! Imagine how much traffic would be directed to your brand through one viral Pin if you did this!

So there you have it! Your guide to navigating this sometimes tricky platform and outshining the brands that haven’t recognised its power yet… we’re talking about you, fitness brands! ?

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