How To Use Instagram and TikTok Live Videos To Grow Your Business
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Livestreaming. You’ve seen it on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter and its popularity among social media users is constantly growing. People love to broadcast and record whatever they desire to share in real-time through live, and share it to their followers and beyond!

Going live is a great way to expand your reach as a business, reel in new customers and grow your audience. In this blog, we’re going to be letting you in on our top tips on how to use Instagram and TikTok live videos to grow your business.

  • Social Tips

Both Instagram and TikTok have an abundance of users that go live, with 100 million Instagram users going live every day. On Instagram, anybody can go live no matter your following count, however, on TikTok, you must have a minimum of 1000 followers to be able to go live.

Regardless of this restriction, TikTok lives are as popular as ever, with businesses, creators, brands and your regular users using the feature to interact with others and spread joy and creativity to people across the world.

The beauty of going live on TikTok is that your live video is not going to be limited only to your followers to come across. This is because TikTok’s features allow for random live videos to come up on your for you page as you swipe. No matter if you follow them or not, TikTok is constantly making a wide variety of users’ live videos available to you on the for you page; it’s entirely up to you if you choose to keep swiping or decide to click and become a viewer.

This feature of TikTok is tremendously helpful for businesses who’d like to grow their reach because all you need to do is go live, make sure your live is interesting and wait for viewers to start pouring in.

As a business, this easy accessibility across different accounts on TikTok is a huge benefit because in this case, you don’t need all the followers, you just need an eye-catching, interesting and compelling topic or activity to help showcase your business on live.

Instagram, however, works differently with their lives, as the algorithm doesn’t push random accounts’ lives onto your screen as you’re swiping through your stories. Instead, if someone you follow has gone live on Instagram, their profile picture will move to the front of your stories wheel and their icon will be surrounded with a colourful ring around it and the word “live”.

So as a business using Instagram to go live and promote your product, you need to keep in mind that only your followers will be able to see your live. Both on instagram and TikTok, live sharing is available which enables your current viewers to share your live with their friends and encourage them to join.

Just like with TikTok, as long as you have an interesting live that promotes your services while also keeping your viewers engaged – for example going live while you’re providing your speciality services that your business offers – then your followers will be clicking on your live and sharing it across the platform for more and more people to see.

Regardless of TikTok and Instagram’s differences in how they go about managing live content, both platforms are excellent places for you to go live and showcase your products, business services and more in a fun and creative way.

People on socials – especially Gen Z – are always wanting to see some live-action, interesting, creative and artistic talents either while they’re scrolling down the for you page on TikTok or simply see your icon surrounded in a colourful ring on Instagram. If it’s interesting, not only will they watch, they’ll share!

Soon enough, by going live regularly and successfully on these platforms, you’ll see your audience grow and your business benefit from that growth.

No matter if your business offers a product, service or otherwise, if you can make an interesting and fun-filled live out of it then you’re one step closer to growing your business through social media. Want to know more, or learn how Monty can help you grow your brand? Get in touch with us now!

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