How to run a social media competition and 4 ideas to get started!
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Social media competitions have become all the rage and an amazing way to promote your brand. So what makes a competition work? Well first of all you need to set your goal. What do you want to get out of this contest? Then you are going to need to know what kind of contest this is going to be! (the most important step).

Once you have that figured out you need to choose the right platform for it. Is it going to be TikTok, Instagram, Twitter? Read on to find some inspiration for what kind of contest you might want to carry out and how it can help your brand grow…

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Prize Giveaway – Instagram

So, we have the classic ‘Giveaway’. If you are not familiar with what this is, then a giveaway normally runs on Instagram and it’s when a brand gives a product away to one of their followers.

Now the key ingredient to this is the way people enter. The brand will get people to tag their friends or share their post to their story and they MUST be following the brand to be able to win.

This makes the brand visible to other people that may not be following them already and gain more followers/engagement. This type of competition is great because it entices a lot of people as everybody wants free stuff! You can also turn giveaways into collaborations with other brands.

This allows you to gain exposure from the other brands followers and grow your account even more, it’s important to pick a brand who has your target audience – so for example, if you’re a beauty brand you may want to team up with a hair accessory or bath brand.

“A great way to bank quality content you haven’t had to produce.”

User Generated Content – TikTok

This competition is a little more creative than your norm. How about thinking outside to box and create a competition that also provides you with free content and earned mentions on social media.

For example, if you own a night club you could host a contest for whoever makes the best TikTok in your club to win a free ticket for the next weekend.

People will be keen to film TikTok’s about their fun night in hope of wining free entry for the next time they go. If they all post on the same hashtag and tag your TikTok account you will be able to see all the posts and also have their followers see your account.

This can work for clubs, coffee shops – even a spin class as it is a fun contest for your followers to engage in, and a great way to bank quality content you haven’t had to produce.

Photo Competition – Twitter

How about a contest hosted on Twitter? This is a really fun one to get content of your product with your customers.

You could create a competition where your customers have to pose and post with your product and whoever gets the most creative with the photo wins a free product every month for a year! This is just an example for what the prize could be but it would definitely turn peoples heads.

This type of competition is great because it advertises your product in the hands of the customers which makes it look more authentic. So, cold-audiences, and those who have not purchased, will see your product in real customers hands.

This builds trust and entices people to buy.

“Social media contests can averagely get you 34% new follower during the campaign.”

The pros of a social media competition are that you can gain lots of social media followers overnight and according to HubSpot social media contests can averagely get you 34% new follower during the campaign.

You could also increase sales through a social media competition as if people are interested and start to read up about your product then they could be more inclined to buy!

However, you’ll have to consider your overheads and how many prizes you can give away, as the bigger the prize – the more entrants you can expect to get.

“You could also increase sales through a social media competition.”

So get posting, #WIN! We’ve outlined three great examples of social media competitions on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. It is now up for you and your company to decide which one would give you the benefits you want!

Whether that be more sales driven through the contest, more followers, or to give back to loyal customers. Social media competitions have become such great way to get your company in front of many more organic eyes.

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