Celebrating Pride Month! Monty’s commitments and actions to support the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Monty Team

At Monty, we’re taking pride month as an opportunity to make changes with real impact. Scroll down to learn more…

  • Monty Team

It’s easy to stick a rainbow on something and call it ‘doing something for gay rights’. But in 2021, it’s not enough… and we know that.

We’re LGBTQ+ owned, and shouting loudly about our support for the community is important. So, here’s just a few ways this Pride Month we’ll be showing support, turning up, and hoping to make a lasting impact.

Adding our pronouns to our email signatures

We’ve added pronouns to our email signatures. It’s inclusive and starts important conversations.

You can wear yours with pride with A Gay and A NonGay’s pronouns tees. 10% from sales goes to Mermaids Charity supporting trans and gender diverse young people and their families.

Donating to LGBTQ+ charities & organisations

Each of the team has chosen a LGBTQ+ charity that matters to them that Monty will donate to on their behalf. I selected anti-violence charity Galop who support LGBTQ+ people who’ve experienced hate crime, domestic abuse or sexual violence.

Supporting our LGBTQ+ & ally clients

We’re thankful to have clients who support and reach the LGBTQ+ community, from A Gay and A NonGay to Sing King and Spinder – we’re making the most of celebrating and supporting them in giving back to the community during June.

Speaking out, educating & learning

As a team we’ll also be spending some time this month to learn more about our LGBTQ+ family. Whether it’s our history, sharing new voices on social or understanding how to be a better ally.

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