Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 with Team Monty
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It’s International Women’s Day 2022! A chance to reflect and celebrate women who make an impact, inspire us and shape our world. At Monty, we’ve asked some of our team to share their inspirations, and why the day matters.

We know it’s important to go beyond just lip service, our industry, like many others, has huge gender disparity, and continues to struggle to elevate and champion bright, brilliant women in social media.

At Monty, we’re proud to have a diverse team and continue to check in and reflect on what we can do more to elevate and challenge the bias within our industry.

Alongside our selections, we’ve made a donation to Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, helping to provide food, first aid, clean water, shelter support, warm clothing, hygiene parcels and medicines to those who need it.

Read on to see who our team is inspired by…

  • Monty Team


“As an artist & designer I’m constantly inspired by other creatives and their work, so there are plenty of amazing womxn to look up to. One of my favourite artists that I’ve been admiring for years is Lakwena Maciver, who is a London based artist creating bold & colourful paintings, installations and murals. I’m inspired by how unapologetically LOUD her work is, and the positive messages throughout.”

“The design industry can often feel very male dominated, but I also recognise my privilege as a white cisgender womxn as well. I strive to keep my feminism intersectional, and to elevate others who may not have the same access as me.”


“This IWD I want to shout out my incredible Mum. As a single parent and only child, my mum and I did everything together and are still best friends to this day. Grateful to have a strong female role model to look up to.”

“Today and every day, I’m fortunate to have so many inspiring women in my life, including my mum, who have all faced adversity to be as strong and successful as they are today.”


“My amazing mother Annie, who went back to work as a nurse during the pandemic, assisting with NHS cancer surgery, which she hilariously claims was easier than dealing with my lockdown moans…”


“My mum inspires me because she deals with so much everyday and always has time to be the best mum. I love my mum because she is so strong, smart and loving. She is such a good role model for me as I have grown up watching her in the same industry that I love. Watching her achieve so many great things in her job motivates me to do well and make her proud.”

“International women’s day is so important because we are only recently being seen as equals and especially with bigger roles in jobs we are being respected and listened to. Our voices are just as important as mens voices, most people have come around on that idea however, in my opinion I still feel like we have a long way to go!”


“Mine is Ariana Grande because beyond natural beauty and talent she is a huge advocate for feminism, LGBTQ+ rights & empowerment.

From launching animal rescues to creating an event in a state of absolute shock after the terrorism attack at one of her shows, which raised over 13$ million for the victim’s families, she’s an unstoppable force of positivity. For me, her work ethic, values and tenacity are inspirational.”


“My mum is inspirational to me because, growing up she raised my sisters and I while studying for her master’s degree in graphic design and came out with first-class honours. Even outside of her academic achievements, she is such a determined and hard-working woman who has inspired me since I can remember and pushes me to work to the best of my ability in whatever I set out to accomplish. I always say that if I can grow to be at least half the woman that she is I would be set!”

“To me, being a woman in this industry means having a strong sense of identity, being compassionate, confident and kind while also being the voice and mind for women who perhaps don’t have a voice in the social media sector.

This industry is well-balanced between men and women and I take pride in being part of such a creative and inclusive industry that has welcomed my femininity so openly and warm-heartedly.”


“On International Women’s Day 2022, I’d like to celebrate and continue my commitment to fight for all transgender women. Often, these women feel sidelined or that they aren’t able to be their true selves through adversity, surroundings or even family. #TransWomenAreWomen today, and every day.”

“Being a Founder, I feel a pressure to continue to fight for others, especially from my position of power as a white man. It’s important to learn, reflect and create space for women to lead and shine, and something I’m passionate about through action, not just words.”

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