3 Reasons Why Gen Z Loves TikTok So Much
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Today, it’s a difficult to escape that infamous musical note that is the TikTok logo. It’s the one that some try to avoid and some seek out eagerly, but whether you love it or hate it you can’t deny the abundance of people that use it.

Among other generations that use the app, TikTok has a large proportion of Gen Z users, and over half of Gen Z consumers are on TikTok now. If you’re trying to reach Gen Z, TikTok is your best bet because it’s where they’re most likely to interact with brands.

But what is it about TikTok that makes 46% of 13-19-year-olds say they use the app daily? Keep reading to find out the three biggest reasons why Gen Z loves TikTok so much!

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“An endless array of short clips that are perfectly customised to your likes and dislikes”

Unique Content and the “For You Page”

The most appealing thing about TikTok is that you are very unlikely to see the same video graze your For You Page more than once. The content on the app is unique, each video is different from the next and the algorithm makes sure a video doesn’t repeat itself on your feed.

The For You Page’s algorithm is also very intuitive to your behaviour and shows you TikTok’s that are more tailored to your interests. If you have used TikTok before, you’ll know that the more you scroll and like, the videos on your For You Page become more and more interesting to you as the algorithm gets to know what you like to see.

The beauty of TikTok is that no two accounts will have the same assortment of videos on their FYP; due to the app’s ability to read your behaviour, your FYP will be different to your friends’.

This causes young people to share the videos they like with their friends who probably haven’t seen them, which boosts TikTok’s user engagement and potentially even brings in new users. Sending and receiving funny, drama-filled videos – or TikToks, should we say! – is what Gen Z love!

An endless array of short clips that are perfectly customised to your likes and dislikes, videos you can rely on to make you laugh and brighten your day as soon as you open the app and videos that you can enjoy with your friends. The uniqueness, the lack of repetition, the personal aspect; it’s all very attractive, and it’s conveniently all packed into an app. No wonder Gen Z love it so much!

“Trends have become a part of our daily social intake”

TikTok Trends

If you don’t know already, we’re here to tell you that most of the trends you see on social media were created on TikTok. Trends have become a part of our daily social intake and no matter if you’re on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat you will 99% of the time see a video that is a trend.

Trends are fun, fast and forever changing, and we’d say that TikTok users are responsible for creating a large majority of them. A trend is usually linked to a sound and is accompanied by a dance, some text on the screen or popular in-app filters. A big reason why trends emerge on TikTok is its audio system, which allows you to pre-select an uploaded sound to accompany your video, and then be shared with other users.

This means if someone creates a remix of a popular song or a popular sound, that audio clip can eventually be used in thousands of other videos! And THIS is why it’s so easy to start a new trend on TikTok and even easier to participate in one. If you asked a Gen Z person to listen to a TikTok sound, they’ll more times than not be able to tell you which trend the sound belongs to! Crazy, right?

TikTok videos are 7 seconds – 10 minutes long, and trends are usually shorter than a minute long, so it doesn’t take much time out of your day to watch different trends or even to take part in them.

Just imagine a young person who gets tired of things quickly and is always looking for something quick and interesting to take part in, now imagine an app with users that generate new big trends almost every week for people to enjoy and participate in… TikTok is like a paradise for Gen Z who constantly want something different and fun to keep busy with on social media.

“The abundance of diversity on TikTok motivates brands and small businesses to use the app to create content”

TikTok Communities

Lastly, we all know that TikTok houses a wide range of diverse content; groups of content creators that enjoy and create the same subject matter are generally called “TikTok Communities”.

These communities are characterized by similar videos, audios, common hashtags and similar topics. This allows people – specifically Gen Z – to connect with others who have the same interests as them, sharing creative content with the community and welcoming new “members” into that section of TikTok.

Some examples of TikTok communities are: cottagecore, skater TikTok, LGBT TikTok, BLM TikTok, art TikTok, cosplay TikTok, DIY TikTok and many many more. There are entire communities on TikTok with millions of views focused on mixing paint colours, listening to ASMR, animating company logos and creating beautiful art.

The abundance of diversity on TikTok motivates brands and small businesses to use the app to create content and promote their products or services. It also contributes to how large the userbase is and how many Gen Z users there are.

Overall, the best place to reach Gen Z as a brand is through TikTok. It’s the app they use the most, love the most and take passion in consuming content from. So if your target audience is Gen Z and you don’t have TikTok, what are you doing?

Go ahead and create that TikTok account and get creating, because one viral video that reaches millions of Gen Z users can change the direction of your whole business’s success! Need some help setting up your account, or want us to bring your content to the right eyes? Get in touch with Monty today to learn the Monty Method for success.

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